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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fitness Myths

UGH! My iPod died at the gym! I can’t believe I forgot to recharge it! Extremely frustrating for sure! Honestly, my iPod is like a security blanket in the gym. If for some reason I ever forgot it, I would turn around and go back to get it before I would train without it. (Note to self.. maybe I will keep an extra iPod in my gym bag…)

Anyway, while training with NO MUSIC, I was privy to a conversation that was taking place between a couple of young guys who are new to the gym. Without going into the entire banter one of the exchanges that I heard was “Dude, I am totally going to McDonalds when I leave here.” The other one replied “Isn’t that stuff bad for us?” without missing a beat the first kid said “Look how hard we just worked out, and besides, I’m trying to gain weight anyway, it doesn’t matter what I eat.”

While this may be a bit true for a 20 year old kid, in general that is a “Fitness Myth”.
Just because you workout hard and often does not mean that you can eat more cheat foods or drink more alcohol! Working out hard and adding muscle to your physique while eating a bunch of ‘junk’ will only force your body to store fat and appear larger than it already is…. And give you no added muscle definition!

Here are a couple of other “Fitness Myths”…

“If I stop working out, my muscle will turn into fat”. Or “I am going to start working out and turn my fat into muscle.” Fat and muscle are two different tissues. Therefore, one cannot turn into the other anymore than an apple can turn into an orange. Building muscle and burning fat are two different processes. The combined effect of building muscle and losing fat may seem as though you're turning fat into muscle, but that is just an illusion. Just as if you stop working out your muscles may atrophy over time, and fat may take its place, however your muscle has not turned into fat.

”How do I lose weight in my butt?” I hate to tell you, but you cannot reduce the body fat in only 1 specific part of your body. You can however, reduce the fat throughout your entire body by adopting a good exercise regimine and clean eating habits. This will cause the specific area you wanted to initially lose fat in, to look how you would like it to.

I hope these couple of ‘truths’ helped to clarify any misleading information that you have heard! Until next time…. H