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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thanks to everyone for checking out my new site and for the emails letting me know that you like it! I have been sent a couple of messages about some of the 'thoughts' and 'stories' on my old site. I will repost some of them, edit others and give you a revision, and simple press 'delete' to a couple of others as they are old and are simply not relevant in how I feel or think anymore.

It is so funny to me how as each year passes our thoughts, views and dreams take different paths... all the while we never seem to run off course. Well, I don't anyway. I just go with the flow and where life leads me. For instance, had you asked me 3 years ago where I would be today... I probably wouldn't have answered "...married and floating on Cloud 9". BUT, that is exactly where I am, and wouldn't change the path that brought me here for anything in the world.

Keep your heart and your eyes open, you never know what you will find.


Mary M said...

Hey girl....here to show my LOVE and SUPPORT! make sure you follow mine!!!! I need my gal pal Heidi....along my side! Here's to a ROCKIN 2010 girl...I know it will be great!!!!